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Recovery programs in Madison for drug and alcohol addictions are as wide and varied as the people who suffer from those addictions. Not every recovering addict responds to the same types of treatment or the same models of recovery. They work closely with patients to determine which course of treatment best suits their particular needs.

What Are Recovery Programs?

Recovery programs in Madison are sets of treatments and therapies that help a recovering addict to overcome their drug or alcohol addictions, as well as to help them develop coping strategies and skills to prevent future substance abuse. These recovery programs are based on models or philosophies of treatment that help to build a sequence of therapies and a structure to the program. To find out more about the drug rehab programs available call Alcohol Treatment Centers Wisconsin, at (608) 423-5048.

What Are The Models Of Recovery?

There are three main models of addiction recovery that are used as a basis for the programs of addiction recovery. These are the cognitive/behavioral model, the motivational incentives model, and the motivational interviewing model.

Cognitive/Behavioral Model

The cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery focuses upon the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that can cause a recovering addict trouble in their recovery. These will include the cognitions (thoughts and feelings) that precipitated the development of a substance abuse problem and addiction as well as those that may affect an addict's chances at recovery. Once the problem cognitions and behaviors are determined a person can develop alternative patterns of behavior and coping strategies to deal with future issues and temptations.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

The motivational interviewing model of addiction recovery focuses on the individual recovering addict's drive and motivation to succeed in their recovery. This means that the therapist does not play the role of an instructor or authority figure in the treatment process. Instead, they serve as an ally that helps to guide a recovering addict to come to solutions and conclusions themselves. This helps to create self-empowered individuals who are better prepared to re-enter the real world and maintain sobriety.

The Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model of recovery involves giving the recovering addict tangible rewards for participating in their treatments and in the recovery process. This is meant to help motivate recovering addicts who are reluctant or resistant to certain aspects of their recovery and treatment to become more involved and engaged in the process.

What Treatments Are Available?

There are various treatments that can be put to use in addiction recovery programs in Madison. Some of these include:

Individual/Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy sessions can be used to help a recovering addict determine the root causes of their substance abuse and addiction problems and to help them develop coping mechanisms for dealing with those causes as well as relapse temptations. As such, this treatment is the primary tool of the cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a technique that is designed to deal with a recovering addict's emotional awareness. Many people in general, but especially drug and alcohol addicts, have trouble fully understanding their emotions and feelings, let alone expressing them properly. Art therapy allows recovering addicts to create art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc...) and to see how their emotions play a role in what they create. By seeing how their emotions influence what they create and learning to identify what they are feeling, a recovering addict will be better able to see trouble emotions as they occur and prevent them from causing substance abuse relapse.

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