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Medical detox is the process through which drugs or alcohol are removed from an addict's body. This is done in a treatment facility, under the careful supervision of doctors and nurses. In order to successfully break a physical addiction, medical detox is necessary, and the most recommended method of withdrawal. At medical detox centers in Madison, experts work with the patient to devise the best course of treatment and provide support and stabilizing medications should the withdrawal symptoms prove to be too painful or uncomfortable. To find out more about the medical detox centers in Madison, call (608) 423-5048.

The Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Drugs suppress and reduce the body's own ability to create chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin that provide feelings of happiness and well-being. The lack of these drugs in the body is one of the main reasons that addicts experience depression and anxiety when they halt drug use.

Addiction cannot be managed through willpower alone. Drugs change the normal functions of the brain, making it difficult for the neurological functioning to return to normal without assistance. All of the cravings, both psychological and physical are caused by complicated neurological changes.

Another danger that exists when drug or alcohol use is suddenly halted is how the body reacts. This is one of the primary reasons that stopping alcohol or narcotic drugs outside of a medical drug detox is unsafe. In fact, alcohol withdrawals present the most danger to the physical body. Having a physician available who can recognize the early warning signs of a possible medical emergency can be vital.

What Are Withdrawal Symptoms?

Regular, extended use of many substances can eventually create a physical dependence. The drugs change how the body functions. When a person stops using the substance, the body cannot naturally balance itself as it did before the use of the drug. Painful flu-like symptoms, unbalanced emotions, sweating, anxiety, sneezing and restless legs are all symptoms of withdrawal.

Treating Withdrawal Symptoms

Getting through the pain of withdrawal can be the hardest part of recovery, and many people need help to do it on their own. Fortunately, medical detox centers in Madison understand how drug abuse and misuse alters the mind and body. This allows for more dynamic addiction treatment plans that are specifically designed for each individual. They create these rehabilitation plans with the substance of abuse in mind, which allows us to treat the specific symptoms of withdrawal.

The staff is highly knowledgeable in the use of pharmacology when helping a client through withdrawal. They utilize replacement medications to help with symptoms associated with illegal and prescription drug addiction. These medications include Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex and various benzodiazepines for anxiety. They typically administer these drugs for several weeks while slowly tapering the dose down each day. During this time, detoxification begins, and the client's body is eventually clean of drugs.

Treatment for drug addiction is a lifelong process. Once the client is over withdrawal and free from drugs, they still have to deal with potential relapses and cravings. To combat this, they teach each client recovery tools that will help them when they transition back to their regular lives. They also refer them to peer support groups that will help them through the rest of their lives. This support group will prove to be an invaluable asset.

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