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Drug abuse and addiction are devastation conditions that take a toll on every aspect of a person's life. Anything from their personal relationships to their health and financial stability is impacted by the misuse and over-consumption of drugs and alcohol. In order to successfully manage and treat these conditions, a comprehensive and fully-integrated drug rehab program is necessary. Drug Rehabs in Madison have the knowledge and expertise to administer the appropriate drug rehab protocols for those suffering from substance abuse and addiction disorders. To find out more about your options for treatment, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Wisconsin at (608) 423-5048 today.

Drug Abuse vs. Addiction

Although they are often used interchangeably, drug abuse is distinctly different from drug addiction. The difference lies in the manner in which the drug is used. When an individual's drug use exceeds casual or recreational use, it is considered drug abuse. When drug abuse begins to psychologically and physiologically affect the user to the point that their life is dominated and incapacitated by drug use, this is drug addiction.

Drug Addiction is a complicated disease, and by definition, is different for everyone. Individuals usually know they are "addicted" when drug dependency is overwhelming. With opiates and methamphetamine, addictions can form rapidly. A drug like alcohol will take longer for dependency and addiction. Cocaine use can go on for years before the substance abuse finally drags the individual into a full-blown addiction.

Drugs of Addiction

Drug dependency takes on numerous shapes and forms. Cocaine, for example, has a powerful psychological dependency quality. While it does not produce the flu-like symptoms upon withdrawal that an opiate cessation would cause, it does change the dopamine receptors in the brain. Other symptoms may include depression and mania. These conditions will cause an addict to relapse if they do not receive timely treatment.

Opiate drugs cause physical and psychological dependency that create feelings of anxiety, as well as flu-like symptoms upon cessation. Individuals addicted to these substances have a very slim chance of curbing their habit by themselves. Relapse for heroin users in the first year without treatment is nearly 100%. With treatment, the percentage is reduced.


Drug Rehabs in Madison have various treatment protocols. The program selected for an individual is dependent upon the type of drug, duration of their addiction, underlying causes of the disorder, and the environment that the addict will return to after rehab. There are also specific programs for heroin or methamphetamine addictions.

It is most important that individuals seek help and treatment or continue to live with the devastation caused by the disease. Recovery from drug addiction is a choice. You have to choose to seek help for your addiction, not just think about it. This is understandably a difficult step when the addict is in the denial phase. Most addicts are aware that there will be some discomfort in the discontinuance of drug use. Users, having tried to discontinue drug abuse on their own have dealt withdrawal symptoms on some level. Madison drug treatment centers want you to know that we understand the pain of withdrawal. Getting past this phase is so important that is our goal to make the withdrawal phase as effortless as possible.

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